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Business Insider: I Took My Son To A Ferrari Race And It Was Beyond Awesome




If you think about it, those are essentially the same three words. There are times when you grow up that you still want to be a kid, and there are times when you’re a kid and you know it’s good to be a kid, and there are times when you’re grown up and feeling like a kid and when you’re a kid just loving being a kid and plenty of times, those times all happen simultaneously in the presence of Ferraris.

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This Built America: Okabashi

October 7, 2014-Client Buzz, Okabashi

While Buford had been known for leather, Irvani focused on plastic—notably injected-molded plastic—that could be turned into shoes of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The company’s name, Okabashi, derives from the Japanese principles of reflexology, and the emphasis the company puts on making shoes that hit the pressure points on the wearer’s feet.

But even though the company had been imbued with international qualities, Irvani was determined to make shoes in America, despite the fact many domestic shoemakers had moved their operations overseas.

“We know manufacturing, we are not importers,” Irvani says. “We’ve always been in that mindset and have stuck to our goals from day one, to manufacture shoes in America. (With) every gain there is always a risk, China may have been less expensive, but there is risk in China.”

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one, to manufacture shoes in America. (With) every gain there is always a risk, China may

11 Alive Atlanta: Tracy Humphrey previews this weekend’s Petit Le Mans

It’s not every day that you walk outside the 11Alive studios into the parking lot and see a Ferrari.

With more than 650 horsepower, the Ferrari FF is sort of a new direction for the auto marker.

“This one actually has a large engine for a road car,” Jeff Westphal said. “It seats four people. It’s all wheel drive so you can take it in the snow and mixed conditions and get along quite well.”

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DRIVEN: Ferrari Motorsports at Circuit of the Americas

The hard part about being constantly hooked into the finest parts of automotive culture is going through withdrawals.

August is the ultimate downtime in the car world, and it leaves us getting a bit jittery and searching for a fix.

We at DRIVEN cannot condone the use of any type of illicit substance, but we can condone partaking in some of the finest automotive dope known to man: Sports Car Racing with Ferrari. The red painted stallions from Maranello certainly need no introduction, and their motorsport heritage is literally the stuff of legend.

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Trade Only Today: Elco Motor Yachts Displays Hybrid Propulsion System

TAMPA, Fla. — Alternative power systems have been one of the leading innovations in the marine industry in the last few years, with engines being powered by electricity, propane and even natural gas. As hybrid propulsion packages, they’re often teamed with diesel engines that run cleaner, quieter and with better performance.

Case in point is a new electric/diesel inboard system I had a chance to check out on Tuesday at the International BoatBuilders’ Exhibition & Conference. This particular hybrid technology comes from Elco Motor Yachts LLC, an upstate New York company that already offers 70- and 100-hp electric inboards and 5- and 7-hp outboards.

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