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Super Bowl XLVIII MVPs – Malcolm Smith, the Legion of Boom and the Hashtag

The Seattle Seahawks and their die-hard fans, the 12th Man, are celebrating a lopsided victory today. (Shout out to Russell Wilson, who led my Wisconsin Badgers to a 2011 Big Ten championship!)  While the game was less than competitive, commercials kept fans entertained. The break-out star of the night was the hashtag, which was featured in more commercials than those famous Clydesdales. In fact, hashtags were mentioned in 58 percent of this year’s Super Bowl commercials.

Which begs the question: why are marketers shelling out $4 million a pop to drive traffic to a free social media platform? In an era where social engagement is king, here are three reasons why Twitter is the ideal place to engage consumers:

Short and Sweet Ads and marketing collateral usually have a call to action, whether it’s “Visit this website” or “Call us for a free estimate.” (Chances are potential customers will forget your phone number unless it’s 588-2300-EMPIRE.) Hashtags are shorter than URLs so they’re easy to remember.

Interaction without Borders Twitter allows users to engage with other people talking about similar topics – whether they’re current followers or not.

Real-Time Conversations Twitter is the ideal live TV companion, allowing fans and viewers to discuss TV episodes and sporting events as they happen, perfect for Super Bowl Sunday.

Don’t have a super budget? We can help put together a cost-effective digital marketing strategy. For example, find out which hashtags are trending and join the conversation. The morning after its commercial aired, #Esurance30 is still trending. Although, that $1.5 million giveaway may have something to do with it.

Image “Loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium Seahawks-10” by Philip Robertson via Flickr. Used under CC BY 2.0 / / Cropped from original

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