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Who Spent Their Super Bowl Ad Dollars Most Effectively?

Everyone knows the first thing you do after hitting your alarm clock on Monday after the Super Bowl is analyze the commercials from the night before. While there were tons of memorable ads this year, our top picks are…

My fave was  M&M’s “Love Ballad.” With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, the ad was timely and has a longer shelf life leading up to the holiday. When the close showed a girl fixing ice cream and baking with M&Ms, it made me want to look for a new recipe using the candy, which would ultimately drive me to purchase M&Ms. And that my friends, is a successful ad. – Lindley Presley, Senior Account Executive

I chose Oreo’s library battle royale for its sheer absurdity: the characters are all engaged in over-the-top violence while maintaining the hushed whispers appropriate for a library. It was a good use of ad dollars because it’s perfect for any sporting event and features a simple social media component, inviting viewers to participate and root for “Cream or Cookie.” Oreo also complemented it with this clever tweet about the blackout at the Super Dome. – Andrew Saluke, Account Supervisor

“Milk Mustache” for Got Milk? was an engaging commercial and relevant since we all want our kids to drink milk. The spot also stresses that when you have to have milk, nothing else matters no matter what’s going on around you. Dwayne Johnson is likeable and put a smile on my face, so it was good casting. – Nataraj Iyer, Chief Operating Officer

Ram Trucks’ “Farmer” tribute to the American farmer is my pick for the top commercial. The tone is spot-on with Ram’s brand attributes – hard-working, reliable and tough. Even better, it’s part of Ram’s 2013 “Year of the Farmer” campaign to bring awareness to agricultural education and raise $1 million for Future Farmers of America. It was arguably the most emotionally charged ad since Chrysler launched their “Imported From Detroit” campaign. – Kelly Nichols, Account Manager

Budweiser’s “Brotherhood” Clydesdale ad was emotionally touching and brought back one of advertising’s legendary brand icons. I favor ads that tug at the heartstrings and convey a brand’s image versus spots that are compelling to watch, but don’t deliver brand messages in a memorable way. I think this one will be successful as it re-airs, furthering the “emotional ties” to the Budweiser brand. Like any great movie ending, it is watched time and time again. – Jeff Perlman, Vice President

Great advertising, like a great news story, should strike the heart and reflect a universal truth. One of my favorite 2013 Super Bowl ads succeeded in both regards. Audi’s “Prom (Worth It)” ad played on the exhilaration that comes from breaking boundaries (real or perceived) with sheer inner boldness. Who hasn’t dreamed of throwing caution to the wind and revealing our lust for an unattainable crush? – Lisa Aloisio, Senior Vice President

Despite prior concerns that Volkswagen’s “Get Happy” commercial was controversial, it was one of my favorites. From a PR perspective, VW got their point across: buy this car and lead a genuinely happy and stress-free life. It’s the mindset VW is selling, along with their car. At the end of the day they have to sell their product, so it’s about how clever you are at tying it all in. – Lindsay Wagner, New York Office Manager

Taco Bell’s “Viva Young” ad wins my vote because of its humor and charm – who didn’t smile while watching it? The ad embodies the restaurant’s slogan and illustrates that no matter your age, you can still take advantage of life. I love that Taco Bell got away from their ads that target a younger demographic and showed their product can span multiple generations. Plus, it’s always timely – there is something about elderly people getting a little wild that never gets old. – Alyssa Applegate, Intern

While Tide’s “#MiracleStain” commercial wasn’t my favorite, let’s focus on what really matters when you plunk down your ad dollars: measurable results. Tide earned maximum mileage by nailing real-time integration as the lights went out at the stadium. The resulting online conversation, shares and ongoing media kudos extend the brand and product messaging even further – and search engines will surely adore that long and rich content trail. – Elke Martin, President

Photo courtesy of the Washington Post

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