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2014 PResolutions We’ll Stick With

new years pr resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are traditionally all about giving things up. Well, if you want to deprive yourself of life’s little pleasures (sugar, caffeine, nicotine and robust reds come to mind), that’s your business. We wish you good luck in shedding the vices of your choice. Here at Brandware Public Relations, we’ll keep grinding the java beans, uncapping the occasional craft beer or cabernet, and enjoying Lindley’s cinnamon buns and Kelly’s cheesecakes. We’re not without resolutions, of course: here’s a roundup of pledges that we think are essential to communications success for 2014 and beyond.

PRetty It Up. Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, infographic or video – a picture is worth much more than 1,000 words in today’s visual content-driven communications environment. Once upon a time, images were created to support words – today an effective visual stands on its own. Google “visual content” for hundreds of supporting statistics – for 2014, we’ll make sure client campaigns include budget for impactful visuals. – Elke Martin

Crisis PReparedness. The pace and reach of communication aren’t going anywhere but up in 2014, which means news or rumors challenging a brand’s reputation can travel quickly. That’s why we’ll continue to focus client attention on investing time to think through the most likely crisis scenarios. Preparing strategic countermeasures, such as an official statement, press release or “dark” Web page, can be invaluable. – Lisa Aloisio

PRioritize. The ideal scenario for many clients is to be well known by the largest possible number of people. However, the type and number of targets and the tactics available to reach them are dependent upon finite budgets, news cycles and client preferences. We’ll be sure to help clients determine their top goals and then focus on the channels and audiences which best facilitate those goals. – Andrew Saluke

PRomise to Strengthen Relationships. PR professionals around the country would give anything for the valuable face time I’m afforded (and occasionally take for granted) by living in Gotham. In 2014, I plan to tap back into my inner “social butterfly” to continue building and strengthening media relationships in person – not just with my PDA! We’ll encourage clients to consider more experiential initiatives that connect them face-to-face with target customers as well. – Lindsay Wagner

PRune Away. We hear it from everyone: clients, media and industry contacts are all in a seemingly never-ending state of communication overload, and there seems to be no end in sight. It’s easy to “overshare,” especially when you work with enthusiast brands. We’ll do our part this coming year to say more with fewer words. – Jeff Perlman

PRedetermine success metrics. Landing a New York Times story is a big win, right? In a time when the success or failure of a communications campaign isn’t measured by media impressions alone, the answer is: it depends. That’s why determining key performance indicators BEFORE launching a PR program is crucial. Whether the goal is media coverage to gain new investors or drive traffic to an online store locator, we’ll ensure that measurement is built into the strategy and planning phase so that both clients and the agency know up-front how success will be defined. – Kelly Nichols

PRovoke. People these days tend to pay the most attention to what others in their social circles have to share with them.  So, how do you get a client’s brand and products in front of these ‘superfan’  influencers? For 2014, we’ll help more clients understand how it’s done – and why it’s worth budgeting more time for this often labor-intensive work.  – Adrienne Jaubert

PRep the Team. During a communications campaign, the focus is usually on crafting messages for external customers, like media or consumers. However, it’s just as important to keep internal communication in mind so everyone from the CEO to the intern is informed and on the same page. We’ll make sure that clients don’t neglect this most critical constituency. – Anthony Popiel

2014 Calendar” by danielmoyle on Flickr, used under CC BY 2.0 / Cropped from original

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