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Five Things Marketers Won’t Have to Worry About if the World Ends on 12.21.12

  1. Figuring out if social media has ROI
  2. Learning how to pronounce the word “MEME”
  3. Unlocking the mysteries of a viral video
  4. Completing 2013 award entries
  5. “Optimizing” your digital ad buys

But just in case the end isn’t nigh, here are some quick tips to ensure you ace these five tasking tasks.

  1. Social media ROI is in the eye of the beholder. That means you need to create value based on you or your client’s unique business goals.  Start by building your social media strategy at the intersection of what you want to say and what your audience wants to hear.  ROI starts there. One of the most robust and fully articulated discussions on Social ROI I heard all year took place at the Social Media Intelligence Summit in Atlanta last month.  Check out David Weinberger’s presentation on how to create a Social Network Index for your company.   I liked how his system uses historic brand and sales drivers and positive and negative sentiment analysis to assign business value to social media activity.
  2. Yeah, we love the honeybadger and LOLCATS, too, but it takes great timing and execution to create a successful meme http://www.business2community.com/social-media/sht-memes-say-about-your-brand-0336018. If your meme takes itself too seriously, you’ll risk a #bashtag campaign.
  3. Viral videos are the unicorns of the marketing world.  Everybody loves them but no one knows exactly where they come from, how they were made or what gives them their mysterious power.  The magic pixie dust seems to settle somewhere between hyper-relevance and timeliness.  Since video production takes time and we never know where lightening will strike, hedge your bet in advance by developing one or two powerful point of views and monitor online conversation for spikes in related conversation.  Don’t set expectations to ‘viral’ if your corporate culture isn’t one to push the envelope and won’t be able to stand behind a visually arresting and potentially controversial statement.  For more tips, check out his video clip from YouTube Trend Manager, Kevin Allocca’s TED Talk on Viral Videos from November 2011.
  4. We marketers love to congratulate ourselves when it comes to industry awards.  But if you’ve never heard of the award and you have to shoehorn your project into the evaluation criteria, think twice before spending a client’s or your agency’s billable time on an entry.  Meaningful awards and accolades should recognize real innovation or the pinnacle of your discipline’s skill set.  I recommend making these bona fide awards part of your annual goal setting and not an end of the year after-thought.
  5. Digital ad buys get more complex by the minute.  Advanced optimization tactics such as Automated rules, Device breakouts, Negative keywords, SQR reports and Ad copy testing are best left to a paid search specialist. These experts can be sourced through a media buying agency or found as freelancers.  For quick read on what’s new in the world of optimization, check out these articles by LunaMetrics’ Sarah Peduzzi and  Clickz’ Lisa Raehsler.

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